Betty’s Story


It all started when…

Exploring the American history of mobile kitchens to find Betty’s distinctive service aesthetic, we learned about Colonel Charles Goodnight’s 1866 invention of a covered wagon, termed the “chuck wagon”, as the earliest mode of traveling with and storing cooking equipment in order to feed cattlemen on their long journeys across the country. Serving coffee and sandwiches to road-wearied workers, Goodnight’s chuck wagon model spread across the country and endured until the 1930s, serving as the prototype for made-to-order counter service and, eventually, the mid-century soda fountain. Based on this fascinating history of bringing food on the road and Tina’s own desire to honor the legacy of her grandmother, Betty’s Biscuits was born in 2018.

Tina bought the 1985 Grumman Olson (formerly a UPS truck) from a friend and retrofitted the empty cab with top-of-the-line kitchen equipment, including an Astoria espresso machine! With the help of Snow in July Designs, Tina created a nostalgic brand with details taken from Betty’s personal history and the long-established taste of Reid’s Catering Company. Crafted by Tina and Catering Chef Josh Page, Betty’s selective sandwich options are focused on locally sourced, high-quality ingredients and made from scratch in our kitchen at The Beacon in Boone, NC. The espresso beverages offered are based on Italian tradition and brewed by the master roasters at Camp Coffee in Blowing Rock. Other beverage options include Natalie’s Orange Juice, San Pellegrino cans, and glass bottles of water, sparkling water, and Coca-Cola. Betty’s menu is delicious, and the truck’s style make it a charming option for catering a private brunch or late-night celebration.